NOWPDP interacts with students of Karigar Training Institute

Saturday, 22nd October 2016: As part of the guest speaker sessions for Karigar Training institute’s students, Imran Ghanchi, Zaynab Abedin and Sana Fahim were invited to speak on ‘Morals, Ethics and Values’. An overview of the topic with relevance to students lives and NOWPDP’s current work was given which was followed by Imran’s life story. Students were also asked to participate and ask questions, which led to an interactive and enthusiastic discussion.

Previous sessions on the same topics have been conducted by Sarah Ejaz, Khadija Zia, Vishal Kumar, Muhammad Anwar and Amin Andani from the NOWPDP team, eliciting great fervour from the students and management alike. NOWPDP looks forward to being a source of inspiration for institutes like Karigar.

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