NOWPDP live in HOT FM 105's show with RJ Shireen Akhtar

Wednesday. 18th May 2016: NOWPDP was invited for the show ‘Men Not Allowed’ with RJ Shireen Akhtar on HOT FM 105, which covers news and views regarding the health, education, social and domestic issues of the masses.

Khadija Zia, Assistant – The Rickshaw Project, and Imran Ghanchi, Supervisor – The Rickshaw Project, went live on air to represent NOWPDP and speak about disability and the barriers faced by persons with disabilities in in trying to become part of mainstream society. The show was very interactive since the RJ was taking live calls and had multiple persons with disabilities share their inspiring life stories on air.

NOWPDP is extremely thankful to RJ Shireen Akhtar and HOT FM 105 team for their hospitality and looks forward to more interactions with them.

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