NOWPDP live in Radio 1 FM91 show ‘Desi Girl with RJ Wafa'

As part of the Accessible Cycle Design Challenge campaign, NOWPDP was invited by FM91 for the show ‘Desi Girl’ with RJ Wafa. Khadija Rehman – Program Assistant, The Rickshaw Project and Zaynab Abedin – Assistant, External Engagement represented NOWPDP to talk about its scope and the up-and-running Accessible Cycle Design Challenge. Emphasis was placed on disability statistics, challenges persons with disabilities encounter and how the Accessible Cycle Design Challenge aims to contribute positively towards the lives of persons with lower-limb impairments. RJ Wafa was very happy to learn about the work NOWPDP is doing and encouraged dedication of a song for the entire NOWPDP team. Zaynab and Khadija presented RJ Wafa with a mini Rickshaw, designed by persons with disabilities, as a token of appreciation, which she highly valued.

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