NOWPDP live on on PTV show 'Ramadan Pakistan' with Muniba Mazari, Juggun Kazim & Ahsan Khan

24th June 2017: As part of its Ramzan special transmission, PTV Home invited NOWPDP to the ‘Ramazan Pakistan’ show. Samar Naqvi, Senior Manager – Programs, and Ali Khan Tareen, Associate – Yaqeeen, were in conversation with the hosts – Muniba Mazari (renowned social activist and artist with physical impairment), Juggun Kazim (renowned actress and TV host) and Ahsan Khan (renowned actor, producer and TV host).

Achievements and challenges of persons with disabilities were discussed as well as the concept of an inclusive society. Given Muniba’s experience of living with a disability, accessibility and acceptability were outlined by her as the most important ingredients for inclusion. Samar gave an overview of programs and projects of NOWPDP while Ali shared his experience of living with a visual impairment – both were given a standing ovation by the audience and hosts.

Miniature vehicles – lovingly decorated by persons with disabilities were presented to all the hosts as tokens of appreciation, eliciting an exciting response. In the words of Ahsan Khan, “It is ironic when say these people are disabled – they are making such beautiful crafts and doing such wonderful things that it makes us wonder what other amazing things they can do.”

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