NOWPDP meets Special Persons Development Association (SPDA) in Peshawar

Tuesday, 23rd August 2016: Nabil Shaukat, Manager – Yaqeeen, and Karim Navroz Ali, Manager – Admin & Finance NOWPDP, met with Mr. Ihsan ullah, General Secretary SPDA in Peshawar. Mr. Ihsan ullah was very kind to give an overview of the work SPDA is doing in KPK, some of which include facilitation in SCNIC process, connecting persons with disabilities with concerned Government departments for any support and current data collection project.

The ways in which both organizations can work together and in their respective areas to facilitate empowerment of persons with disabilities were also discussed, such as vocational training, employment, services and data collection. NOWPDP looks forward to a fruitful relationship with SPDA Peshawar.

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