NOWPDP Opens The Inclusion Academy

Another huge addition to NOWPDP’s achievements has been in terms of education where a school called The Inclusion Academy was launched.

It is an academy for children with all disabilities as well as without to create an integrated set up. This is a model of inclusion and integration that NOWPDP greatly emphasizes on where all disabilities are catered to and all children sit together as per their level/grade. We have started our pilot class of 15 children with disabilities and without. The curriculum has been designed by experts that maps and matches each child’s abilities with sign language for the children from the deaf community.

There is an even bigger emphasis on interactive learning where children would be acquiring their lessons with a more practical approach.

The open day was held on the 7th of January 2020 where the parents came with the little stars aka students to get a rundown of the school and take their bags and books. Moreover, the donors were also present during this and also got to tour the facility.

We look forward to how the children’s performances fare making this school a very rare addition to Karachi’s educational landscape.

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