NOWPDP partners with Alif Ailaan for Inclusive Education

Wednesday, 9th May 2018: NOWPDP partnered with Alif Ailaan to advocate for inclusive education in schools in Pakistan.

In order to bring about viable change in policy to have schools cater to all disabilities instead of their isolation in special schools that can prove to be counterproductive, different organisations, governmental authorities and political parties were reached out to.
On 23rd of April, 15 organizations including NOWPDP attended a convention in order to draft a Charter of Demands on inclusive education as well as have dialogue, hosted by Alif Ailaan at the Aga Khan University Hospital. With comprehnsive debate and discussion, a Charter of Demand for the Right to Education for Children with Disabilities was finalized and sent off to different authorities.
NOWPDP will continue to work on bringing about pragmatic change in the educational system in Pakistan to make it more inclusive.
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