NOWPDP Plays a Part in the Aurat March 2020

NOWPDP partnered with the organizing team of Aurat March as the partners in disability inclusion to ensure that the cause of Aurat March becomes inclusive for people with disabilities as well.

NOWPDP ensured inclusion of disability rights in the manifesto, accessibility of online campaign, accessibility of the March venue (Frere Hall), presence of sign language interpreters at the venue, and also provided rickshaws through The Rickshaw Project to ensure ease of mobility to people with disabilities, elderly, and children. 

The retrofitted rickshaws were a gesture that were not missed by many. Ina string, they moved along with the determined marchers, carrying passengers, assistive devices like wheelchairs and water. They were available for all and sundry in case they were needed.

The accessibility in Frere Hall also got enhanced as was needed considering it is a famous public space that should be open for people with disabilities as well. Owing to the ramps installed, a lot of people with disabilities using this and coming were seen making the event stand true to its cause: inclusive.

Moreover, having the sign language interpreter was also a very direly needed addition for the deaf community to understand speeches, addresses and live performances.

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