NOWPDP to launch “Hum Bhi Karachi” Radio Program

NOWPDP, under the “Inclusive Karachi for People with Disabilities Campaign” which is a part of the ‘I am Karachi’ initiative, will be launching a radio program named “Hum Bhi Karachi” on FM100 (Karachi only) to reflect the fact that people with disabilities are key stakeholders in the process of making Karachi a more inclusive city; and cannot be excluded from that process.

Public service announcements would start airing on a daily basis from Friday, 6 March 2015 four times a day and would continue till 28 April 2015, while the radio program would be running every Wednesday between 19 30 and 20 00 from 18 March 2015 and 22 April 2015.

The program would be hosted by RJ Sarim and would feature different members of the NOWPDP team, who would discuss the state of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Pakistan as well as a range of issues pertaining to PWDs. Additionally, the different members of the NOWPDP team will highlight the various initiatives undertaken by NOWPDP, the impact those initiatives have had and their experiences of working on those initiatives.
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