Shell Tameer Training of trainees with hearing impairment at The Hunar Foundation

NOWPDP’s trainees with hearing impairment undergoing Plumbing training at The Hunar Foundation (via Program Dastoor) are being provided entreprenerial training by Shell Tameer under the ‘Build the Future’ program. The program specifically aims to provide the trainees with business start-up awareness and training sessions and access to seed finance.
The trainees have undergone 15 hours of training in setting up their own businesses. They would now be preparing their business plans and then presenting it to Shell Tameer (who in consultation with The Hunar Foundation and NOWPDP) would be judging the sales pitches and then giving the best ones support (in the form of equipment) to start up their businesses.
NOWPDP looks forward to the entrepreneurial ideas of its trainees and their subsequent successful journeys.
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