Teacher Training

NOWPDP believes in equipping the teachers of today with the ability to foster and educate the future generations, irrespective of any disabilities. To this end, NOWPDP offers teacher training and Capacity Building Programs to mainstream as well as special schools.
Mainstream Schools:

NOWPDP also provides Capacity Building Programs to mainstream schools in order to make them more inclusive. Teachers in mainstream schools are trained with the ability to interact, communicate with and teach students with disabilities. This provides mainstream schools with important sensitization and training to be able to handle students with disabilities and creates an inclusive environment where students with disabilities do not have to enroll in special schools only, particularly in areas where they may be inaccessible.

NOWPDP provided sensitization and training to teachers in 100+ schools in both Sindh and Gilgit Baltistan and a family representatives training was offered in collaboration with the Rupani Foundation.

Special Schools:

Similarly, for special schools, it is highly needed that teachers are all equipped to handle students with disabilities ensuring they receive a conducive environment to grow and learn in.

With over 50 teachers trained till date, NOWPDP aims to provide Holistic Teacher Training in private special education schools including ABSA, JS, DIL etc.

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