The Rickshaw Project to Challenge Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965 in Sindh High Court

While the advocacy efforts of The Rickshaw Project has made significant contributions towards increasing the awareness among the masses for the driving licenses of persons with disabilities, it has not been successful in amending the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965. Therefore, The Rickshaw Project is in the process of filing a legal case that will challenge the current Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965 in Sindh High Court.

The vagueness in the ordinance restricts The Rickshaw Project’s drivers, who have physical disabilities, to get commercial driving licenses. Additionally, the ordinance also disallows persons with hearing impairments from getting a driving license in Pakistan, despite the fact that more than a 100 countries around the world allow that.

At present, Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan (PILAP) and a young talented lawyer, Mubariz Siddiqui, are helping The Rickshaw Project in bringing this case in the court of law.
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