The Rickshaw Project to work with global experts in developing an International Guide for the Transport of Children with Disabilities to Schools

People around the world are working hard to provide children with disabilities with different education opportunities, either by making the existing schools inclusive of children with disabilities or by developing separate schools specifically for them. However, due to inadequate transport facilities in different developing countries, many children never get to go to these schools.

Access Exchange International (AEI), which is a not-for-profit and non-governmental agency that promotes inclusive public transport for persons with disabilities in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Eastern Europe, along with its partners in over 25 countries, is developing an International Guide for the Transport of Children with Disabilities to Schools. This guide aims to promote transportation of children with disabilities to schools in different developing countries. The project is headed by Tom Rickert, Executive Director, AEI and the project team includes global experts and practitioners on accessible transports from around the world. The guide will be based on research conducted in different countries and from Pakistan, The Rickshaw Project has been selected by AEI to share case studies and knowledge that will used for developing this comprehensive guide.

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