The Rickshaw Project undertakes Guerilla Awareness Campaign

The Rickshaw Project team, under the Inclusive Karachi for People with Disabilities Campaign which is a part of the ‘I am Karachi’ initiative, carried out guerilla awareness campaign at University of Karachi, Frere Hall and Karachi Grammar School.

The theme of the campaign was “Look at ME, Not my Disability” and the purpose of the campaign was to make people realize that whenever they see a person with disabilities, they should first focus on the person and his or her abilities, rather their abilities rather than making judgments about the individual based on his or her disability. For this purpose, some empty wheelchairs were placed at prominent places with a message at the backdrop, “Look at ME, Not my Disability”.

The campaign turned out to be a tremendous success as people showed keen interest in the activity and understood the message that The Rickshaw Project team delivered. The team interacted with the audience, recorded their testimonials about the activity and distributed rickshaw replicas..

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