The Sustainable Tote Bag – Gender Sensitive, Eco Friendly and Inclusive.

The sustainable tote bags is a relatively newer project of NOWPDP that came into being. It is the production of sustainable tote bags made of cloth to minimize single use plastic. Unlike other projects that the current team had taken care of, this was not only alien but a handful. But this was as direly needed as everything else for team NOWPDP had always strived to be sustainable for the planet too.

This could mean production on a greater scale and that was no easy feat. This would also mean venturing into unchartered territories with finding people to buy the products so the project could stay afloat as it was one of a kind. As much as the team equally was on tenterhooks, it all came into being when people among the most creative of us took the mantle and decided to streamline and run it.

Our vision of making this project not only ecofriendly but inclusive and gender sensitive played a part in figuring out how the team should look. For starters we wanted the direct team to be predominantly consisting of people with disabilities and we already had half of them here. Our trainers and team mates belong to the deaf community and their art skills have been honed with amazing finesse and they started designing and screen printing for us. But we didn’t want the team to be just inclusive; knowing that women with disabilities are more prone to disagreeable outcomes owing to their gender – our Community Outreach team reached out to women who were good at sewing and could sew for us from the comfort of their homes making the team gender sensitive too.

But other worrying questions like resources and space kept gripping us till we had a breakthrough. Artistic denim and fabrics graciously decided to donate their waste cloth to us instead of disposing it off so we could make tote bags out of them. And this is how we started our journey of creating tote bags and later pouches made of cloth to reduce single use plastic. Till now, we have sold a great number of tote bags and garnered a lot of love and appreciation and orders. The proceeds go to running the project and to the productions assistants with disabilities whose employment was generated owing to the project itself.

The Sustainable Tote Bag, is a project of NOWPDP that might be newer than most projects but has soared high because of what it stands for and the dynamic team that runs it.

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