The Zara Hat Kay team visits NOWPDP for a shoot

Zarrar Khuhro, Wusatullah Khan and Mubashir Zaidi and the Zara Hut Kay team visited NOWPDP yesterday to record a show on the unheard voices of persons with disabilities

7th December, 2018: Directed by Nadeem Usmani, Zara Hut Kay is one of the more popular talk shows on air these days. NOWPDP had the privilege of hosting the Zara Hut Kay team on premises as they shot their show on the unheard voices of persons with disabilities.

In the ever continuous effort to strive for inclusion, it is wonderful to see people from different industries coming together in support of persons with disabilities, extending their reach and propagating their voice.

The Zara Hut Kay team spoke with multiple members of the NOWPDP family, collected their stories and incidents and their lives now ahead of them. They also spoke with us about our mission and purpose, leading to a discussion on the One Window Special CNIC Camp that NOWPDP hopes to set up soon.

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