Trainees excited at the prospect of new jobs as Hunar Training draws to a close

Wednesday, June 20th 2018: With the success of the first two batches of trainees at Hunar Foundation; the third batch began with great enthusiasm and is going steady.

The trainees with hearing and speech impairment are all learning theories and demonstrating practically all dynamics they are learning under the ambit of plumbing. The course offers theoretical and practical knowledge, and equips the trainees with the skills required to pursue a career in residential and industrial plumbing.

Those taking the training will also be sitting for examinations by the Trade Testing Board, a local body, as well as the UK City and Guilds examination. They all showed excitement at the prospect of new jobs once the training ends.

NOWPDP believes in persons with disabilities honing skills in relevant trades so that they also have a high chance of attaining employment.

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