UNDP and Soorty Entreprises train persons with disabilities at NOWPDP to increase their employability

Wednesday, 5th April 2017: In partnership with United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Youth Employment Project (YEP) and Soorty Enterprises are working with NOWPDP (disability inclusion initiative) to provide vocational training to youth with speech and hearing impairment.

The purpose is to develop the skills of persons with disabilities to increase their access to job opportunities. Today, they were awarded certificates for their completion of trainings in garment manufacturing quality control. Interviews were conducted with prospective employers like Soorty Enterprises, one of the largest denim manufacturers in Pakistan.

YEP Project Manager, Mr. Moin Zaidi said “People with disabilities are often denied jobs, but this training will increase their employability. The initiative will help disabled persons become self-sufficient and pave the way for other garment companies to employ them without prejudice.” He said UNDP was working with some of Karachi’s best-known garment companies to increase youth employment and that persons with disabilities would be no exception.

Ms. Samar Naqvi, Senior Manager-Programmes at NOWPDP said “Efforts like these give us hope, encouraging us to continue our journey of mainstreaming persons with disabilities. Organizations like Soorty Enterprises and UNDP that extend such opportunities to persons with disabilities contribute to making history and encourage others to follow suit.”

NOWPDP looks forward to the employment and successful journey of the trainees at organizations like Soorty Entreprises and towards forming similar partnerships to bridge the training-employment gap.

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