Universal Children’s Day celebration with Mr. Khaled Anam lightens up NOWPDP House

Wednesday, 16th November 2016: NOWPDP hosted a celebration to commemorate Universal Children’s Day (celebrated on 20th November globally) at its office in Saddar.

Renowned artist Mr. Khaled Anam was the star guest and highlight of the show, opening the celebration with his famous story-telling session followed by singing multiple favorite songs with a very excited audience of more than 50 children of all abilities.

Children with visual, physical and intellectual impairments from special schools like the Ida Rieu School and College for the Deaf and Blind, Society for Rehabilitation of Special Children (SRSC) and Zainab Rehabilitation Center (ZRC) were in presence along with students from an inclusive educational institution called the AMI School. The children took autographs from Mr. Khaled Anam and enjoyed their time at NOWPDP with the team and tokens received.

This celebration is part of NOWPDP’s efforts in providing an inclusive platform, bringing together persons with and without disabilities from all walks of life, at an accessible space within its office, referred to as the ‘NOWPDP House’- located at the heart of the city.

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