Yaqeeen conducts Disability Equality Trainings with 'Trocaire'

Yaqeeen recently conducted three Disability Equality Trainings with the Irish Charity Organization, Trocaire, and its 18 partner NGOs across Pakistan. The first two trainings were held in Islamabad; while the final leg of the training was held in Hyderabad in the month of March. Around 50 participants from these regions attended the training and thoroughly appreciated the efforts of both Yaqeeen and Trocaire.

Each workshop was aimed at including Disability as an eminent component in the core thematic programs at Trocaire which include Humanitarian Response, Disaster Risk Reduction, Gender-Based Violence and Livelihoods. The fundamental concept of this training revolved around raising awareness regarding disability issues in Pakistan as well as covering diverse topics such as Policy and Legislation, Accessibility, Workplace Inclusion and Communication Etiquettes. An elemental level Pakistan Sign Language training was also embedded in the program to enhance the learning of the participants.

The most crucial outcome of the workshops was the Action Plan developed by the participants, highlighting program components where they can incorporate and mainstream Disability in their respective themes. Once these ideas begin implementing, team Yaqeeen will carry out follow up visits with these organizations to assess the impact and sustainability of the Action Plan.

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