Yaqeeen conducts Disability Sensitization and Awareness Raising at Engro

NOWPDP’s disability consulting initiative yaqeeen began working with Engro Corp and its subsidiaries in January 2014 to equip the organization to become truly inclusive. After initial research, the dissemination of disability awareness began with Engro Corp in September 2014 continuing on to Engro Foods (Sukkur, Nara and Sahiwal), Engro Fertilizer (Zarkhez and Daharki) and Engro Polymer & Chemicals (Port Qasim) where 450+ employees at 6 locations have been sensitized through 18 sessions held in November and December. This is in addition to the 300+ that were sensitized at the Harbor Front Office earlier in 2014.

The 1.5 to 2.5 hour sessions were specifically designed to dispel popular misconceptions about persons with disabilities and to help participants truly understand what disability means, along with informing them about appropriate disability etiquette while also highlighting how the current employee pool could truly embody the equal opportunity spirit.

NOWPDP representatives Samar Naqvi (Project manager- yaqeeen) and Nabil Shaukat (HR/Admin Officer) conducted the sessions, which included discussions and activities, as well as important and relevant contributions from guest speakers, Siraj Bilal and Imran Abdullah (The Rickshaw Project). The inclusion of guest speakers gave participants a chance to hear from people with disabilities, allowing them to understand their point of view, and perhaps even change their own.

Valuable feedback from participants who attended the sessions was collected and this information will be utilized to enhance the impact and quality of future sessions held at Engro’s plant facilities. During the sessions, the team saw a positive change in some participants’ attitudes towards people with disabilities, while some were even keen to play an active role in promoting the idea of a truly inclusive society.

Detailed breakdown of sessions conducted at Engro’s subsidiaries:


Date (2014) Participants sensitized Number of sessions
Engro, Harbour Front 03-05, 09 Sept 300+ 4
Engro Fertilizer – Zarkhez, Port Qasim 06 Nov 25 1
Engro Fertilizer, Daharki 09-10 Dec 116 4
Engro Foods, Nara 11 Dec 21 1
Engro Foods, Sukkur 11-12 Dec 56 2
Engro Foods, Sahiwal 17-19 Dec 150 6
Engro Polymer & Chemicals, Port Qasim 26, 29 Dec 111 4


Until now, 750+ employees of Engro Corp and its subsidiaries have been sensitized between the months of September and December, 2014.
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