Yaqeeen organizes a focus group discussion to understand career paths of persons with visual impairment

Tuesday, 14th February 2017: NOWPDP’s Disability Consulting Program – Yaqeeen conducted a focus group discussion with persons with visual impairments (VI) at the NOWPDP office to provide a platform to discuss their career paths/ambitions, challenges and training needs.

7 persons with visual impairment between the ages of 18-28 years, both undergoing education and professionals from various institutions, participated in a healthy discussion moderated by Ali Tareen – Associate, Yaqeeen. This platform also allowed experts from various fields to come forward and engage in an open dialogue about challenges faced by them, the avenues through which confidence building can be focused on and training and counseling opportunities.

NOWPDP looks forward to incorporating the valuable feedback gained from this discussion into Program Yaqeeen’s structure and towards conducting similar discussions with persons with other impairments.

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